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Functionality, design esthetic, focal point and client expectations are the primary concerns of any good architect. And while landscape architecture encompasses all these things, there is much more. At Bayberry & Co. we have to take into account the four seasons and blend design cues of the building architecture with the natural environment and site attributes. The landscape architect’s design palette is also different, employing living elements, natural topography, designed-in elevations as well as hardscapes constructed of both natural and man-made materials.


A well designed outdoor environment accounts for the dynamics of plant lifecycle: The bright colors of annuals in late spring and summer give way to more muted colors of fall and then the dormancy of winter. Features that might disappear behind a cascade of brightly colored annuals might present it self in a white, stark landscape in winter. Being able to predict these changes based on seasons while also making the landscape beautiful year round are the things that set Bayberry & Co. landscape architecture apart.


Eco-Friendly Water Management

Engineering is equally important in landscape architecture. With growing urbanization comes increased storm water runoff because the water can’t infiltrate the soil and return to the ground water. Until recently, storm water runoff and groundwater recharging has been dealt with using large-scale solutions. But, increasingly it can be accomplished using drainage and runoff systems designed for small-scale residential lots.

Bayberry & Co. has exclusive experience designing storm water drainage systems that utilize underground storage and permeable paving that allow for ground water recharging at the residential level. Doing this helps the landscape by keeping the soil more fully hydrated. It also greatly reduces storm water contamination because it doesn’t travel on the surface picking up contaminates.



Bayberry & Co. works with engineers and permitting professionals to help see that a project gets off to a good start. This often involves creating designs and drawings that are viewed as friendly and progressive to help in the approval process by state officials and oversight committees

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The creation of meaningful outdoor spaces begins with a thorough understanding and analysis of a property’s potential in response to a program developed by you the client. As artisans of the landscape, we seek to provide creative, detailed, and beautiful elements to your exterior environment.

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