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Justin White

Principal Designer

After working for a well known landscape architecture firm in Massachusetts, Justin saw his move to Bayberry & Co. as the chance to take all the best of what he had learned into a whole new endeavor. That meant creating a strong, ethical culture, great camaraderie and hiring the brightest most talented people and then giving them a high degree of autonomy. “We work in a wide area,” Justin explained. “I have to know that the people I work with can execute with a high degree of quality and craftsmanship regardless of whether I’m there or not.

Justin’s design esthetic is really not to force his esthetic onto Bayberry & Co. clients. “They’re individuals. My job is to execute their vision not mine,” he said. Justin loves designing for any project large or small. “It means a lot to me when I see a client see and really appreciate the end result,” he said.

Mike Sarcione

Project Manager

As the overseer of projects from start to finish at Bayberry & Co., Mike talks with homeowners, makes sure materials arrive on time and the highest standards of quality are closely adhered to. He graduated from Bentley College with a degree in marketing but the skill and training he received in the Army as an infantryman did much to prepare him for his current work. “We have an exceptional crew, they all pull their own weight and they’re vary capable,” Mike explains. “We all work together to turn unexpected challenges into triumphs. It’s the crew that makes my job much easier and very enjoyable.”

Todd Kuzmitski

Site Foreman + stone mason

A stonemason for more than 18 years, Todd moved to Bayberry & Co. three years ago because he appreciated their quality and reputation. “I got started in stone when I was losing interest in college,” he explained. “I signed on to work for a stone masonry company in Massachusetts one summer and I was instantly hooked.” Todd never looked back, learning the fine art; craftsmanship and design of stone work in every aspect. “I especially like envisioning what a finished project will look like, Todd says. He also loves searching little known sources to find reclaimed granite for use in his work. “You have large stacks of stone and you have to chose them according to the project and it’s needs,” he said.

Joe Young

Stone mason

Joe got his start in landscaping at age 14 and after getting his Bachelors degree in environmental horticulture he began working full time in the industry. As he trained in the plant world his interest in stone masonry began to grow over the years. “I love the interaction between the plants and stone work,” Joe says. “Stone masonry allows me to constantly create things with my own originality.” He particularly likes working at Bayberry & Co. because there is opportunity to work on higher end projects that were conceived by the design team.

Sam Robertson

Landscape Development

Sam is young, but he’s packed a lot into his career. After graduating from college he worked in the coastal Carolinas in Resort and Tourism Management. From there he moved to Massachusetts and built Koi ponds for four years. He eventually ended up working in the claims department at a large insurance corporation for five years. “I just couldn’t stand it anymore,” Sam said. “I knew I wanted to work outside again and it wasn’t long before I found myself at Bayberry & Co..” Sam enjoys doing landscaping, stone masonry and snow removal. “Basically I love working with good people outdoors and building lots of custom projects,” Sam said.

Anthony Cantone

Seasonal Maintenance manager

Anthony has been in landscaping for 22 years and owned his own landscaping company for 14 years. “I can do the business side of things but what I really love is the work,” Anthony explained. That’s why he loves it at Bayberry & Co. “Everyone here is dedicated to doing great work which, to me, is everything,” he said. Anthony does everything from horticulture care and mowing to seasonal cleanups and other work when it’s called upon. “I’m an outside guy and I love it all,” he said.